Q1: What concentration of hypochlorous acid inside electrolysis water can MediQ produce?

A: After electrolyzing for 10 minutes, MediQ can produce electrolysis water with 100 PPM hypochlorous acid. 


Q2: What is the advantage of hypochlorous acid over chlorine bleach?

A: Unlike chlorine bleach which is irritating and harmful to skin, MediQ is perfectly safe and harmless to spray directly on human and animal. For maximum effect, we recommend letting the water to stay on for at least 3 minutes, and let it evaporate naturally.


Q3: How does hypochlorous acid kill bacteria and virus?

A: Hypochlorous acid shares similarity to bleach (sodium hydroxide) but is different in chemical composition. Against common bacteria and virus, hypochlorous acid can be 80-100 times as effective as bleach, requiring just a low concentration to work. For example, for some industrial disinfection application, only 5 PPM of hypochlorous acid is required to do the same as 200 PPM of bleach.


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Q4: Can I spray MediQ directly on human and pets?

A: Our electrolysis water is harmless to human and most animals, but we recommend against spraying it on people with asthma or allergy.


Q5: Can I add chemicals other than water and salt to MediQ (for example, vinegar)?

A: No, we advise against adding any other ingredients as just salt and water are sufficient. Adding unknown substances may produce harmful material after electrolysis.


Q6: Can you smell the hypochlorous acid generated by MediQ?

A: Due to chlorine being present in hypochlorous acid, the electrolysis water will smell lightly of swimming pool water.


Q7: How long can the electrolysis water maintain strength from MediQ?

A: The electrolysis water can stay effective for 4 days inside MediQ. If you pour the water into a non-transparent, airtight container, it can remain effective up to 60 days. The reason is that the hypochlorous acid will decompose under UV from sunlight. For extended storage, consider electrolyzing the water twice before storing.


Q8: Do I need to wear gloves when handling electrolysis water?

A: You do not. It is perfectly safe to contact and handle the water with bare hands.


Q9: Can I wash fresh fruit and vegetable with MediQ?

A: MediQ spray can remove pesticide residue and pollutant particles from the surface of food ingredients. You can spray and then rinse off with fresh water.


Q10: Can I clean children toys with MediQ?

A: MediQ can kill and deactivate bacteria and virus on the toys, please rinse the surface with water after spraying.


Q11: My MediQ doesn’t seem to be electrolyzing. What can I do?

A: 1. Please check if the cable to properly plugged in and all parts are properly tightened.


Q12: My MediQ doesn’t seem to be generating bubbles when electrolyzing. What can I do?

A: Please make sure enough salt has been added to the water.


Q13: What to do if I cannot switch on MediQ?

Solution: A – Check battery level, recharge if needed. B – Reboot after recharging.



Q14: How much salt do I need to add to MediQ?

5g of salt should be added to 350ml of water (full capacity of MediQ)


Q15: Can I use MediQ to clean and sterilize my car?

A: Yes, MediQ can decompose and clear PM2.5 and TVOC .


Q16: Can I spray MediQ spray to decrease the odor of new furnitures?

A: As the hypochlorous acid can decompose TVOC which is present from the manufacturing of furniture, MediQ can help with decreasing the unpleasant smell.


Q17: Applications and suggested concentration

1. For cleaning and sterilizing hands, oral rinsing, cleaning personal hygiene products, cleaning food ingredients, pet toys, kitchen utensils, home electronics and car interior:

Fill in 350ml water and mix with 5g table salt. Electrolysis for 5 minutes.

2. For cleaning and sterilizing toilet, bathroom, air conditioner, washing machine, mold on wall and tiles:

Fill in 350ml water and mix with 5g table salt. Electrolysis for 10 minutes.


Q18: Can I drink electrolysis water from MediQ?

A: Although MediQ water is tested to be safe for consumption, it does not taste great and might upset your stomach. We advise against drinking it.


Q19: What is the pH value of electrolysis water?

A: The pH value is tested between 6 and 7, our recent test result on 200 PPM is 6.7.




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